Seed Capital for Tech Start-Ups

Axel Media offers seed capital for new e-business ideas. In addition to the financial contribution we also offer you our knowledge, as well as any help in starting an e-business.


As a part of Axel Media Seed Capital program, we offer you a completely unique opportunity on the polish market. It is an opportunity of obtaining investment in the development of your own business idea, these are seed investments i.e. investments at the earliest phase of business development.


In our case, money is not the key to success in business, because in addition to the financial contribution we also help you in a substantive, technical and organisational way with your Tech Start-up. As a part of Axel Media Seed Capital program we offer you a financial support up to 100 000 PLN for the needs of development and operation of the new company.


Together with the financial assistance your company will receive:


Our goal is to effectively help you both in case of finances and development, to make it easier for you to pass through this first, most important phase of developing your business. We will help you to reach such an impressive level of your project, that the profit will be really high.


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Axel Media Seed Capital program offers bright and clear terms of cooperation agreement – in the case of investments up to 100 000 PLN- Axel Media company gets 30% share in your company. This way you will be able to get a bailout and enjoy the control over your own company.

100 000 PLN is the amount sufficient to achieve success on the internet; an example might be the company “Ceneo” or “Wirtualna Polska”. We realise that the biggest problem of the young entrepreneur is the capital and above all, lack of confidence. Through the Axel Media Seed Capital the capital and substantive support is provided.


If you want to submit your idea- do not wait, contact us today. We guarantee full discretion and confidentiality before transmitting the information about the project.





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