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it is a leader among wedding industry websites, more than 5,000 companies in one place, intuitive search engine, last minute terms are just some of the service’s offers that are designed to help organize a wedding party. Our service providers get new orders quickly and easily by email thanks to effective promotion.



this is our first foreign internet service. It was built on the basis of the Polish version GdzieWesele.pl. We have completed WhereWedding.co.uk with an ability to search for objects not only from the UK but also from the rest of the European Union.



it is a market leader in Internet services supporting the organization of baptisms and communion parties. More than 2000 companies from Poland, thanks to which you can organize an unforgettable reception!



it’s a service that makes it easy to find places to welcome your family and arrange a funeral feast. The presented objects have a rich experience in organizing such meetings and we guarantee this.



No idea how to diversify your wedding or a wedding reception? Looking for wedding inspirations? InspirowaneWesele.pl is a perfect option for you! You will find the latest trends from the wedding industry there – both when it comes to a ceremony and a party.



It is a countrywide website gathering eating places, hotels, restaurants, banquet halls and other locations where you can organize a company party, a conference and a training course from a scratch.

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